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Cessna Skylane 182

Assembled by Mr. Vasu

Cessna Caravan 208B

Assemble by Mr. Thawatchai

Cessna 182

Assembled by Mr. Yai

Cessna 182

Assembled by Mr. Chakrit
(Install .09 engine)


Assemble by Mr. Thawatchai


Assembled by the women who is novice in assembling airplane kit, but  there is the diligent until succeed

Cessna 182

Assembled by Mr. Kajornsak
Install .15 engine
Cessna 152 (Semi Scale)

The flight performance is stable make this model a great choice for the beginners. With new designed for COX SS.049 engine it offer this model excellent handling while take off, landing and making a low flyby. This Cessna 152 will provide hours of big airplane enjoyment on a small model budget. The balsa wood construction make the model can be covered with the same color scheme and easily to recreates to the original.

- Wingspan 39 in.
- Fuselage length 25 in.
- Wing load 11 oz./sq. ft.
- 4 Channel radio system driving 5 mini servos
- Steerable Nose wheel
- Flying weight with fuel 515 grams
- .049 COX engine
- Fuel tank capacity 25 C.C. (Nitro 10%)
- Propeller + Spinner 6 x 3 Power output approximate 12,000 rpm
- Fight Time 12 mins
- Building time 12-16 hours
- Price 59 USD (Engine, power system and shipping not included)


Opening the box you will found the following kit package;

  1. Auto Cad plan sheet A1 1:1 and CNC cut parts diagram
  2. Step-by-step instruction manual
  3. Fuselage and wing content pack
  4. 2.5 mm and 6.0 mm. balsa wood pack
  5. Hardware pack
  6. Covering film, decal and windows template pack
    White Covering film                                                        = 60X90 cm.
    Trim scheme                                                                = 30X60 cm.
    Black Covering film for windows                                       = 25X30 cm.

                         *** CA glue and Epoxy not included ***

Cessna 152 (Semi Scale) Package details

The photo of fuselage parts cut with CNC

The photo of wings components including LE, spar, TE and ailerons cut with CNC

The photo of the 2.5 mm. balsa wood cut with CNC

The photo of the 6.0 mm. balsa wood cut with CNC

The photo of the hardware set

The adjustable engine mount for Cox SS .049 engine (Out Runner motor compatible)


Cessna 152 (Semi Scale) at flying field

Before First Flight at the local airfield

C.G. should locate under wing spar. Checking the center of gravity of the model to slightly nose heavy 2-3 degree

Flying weight should nit exceed 515 grams. Taking off from pavement happens in about 10 m. with little headwind

Making a Low Pass

Even shutdown the engine but still controllable at low speeds and landing smooth

Hope you enjoy with building and pleasant to fly your Cessna 152 (Semi Scale). Thank you, Chin Model Air Craft