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Cessna Skylane 182

Assembled by Mr. Vasu

Cessna Caravan 208B

Assemble by Mr. Thawatchai

Cessna 182

Assembled by Mr. Yai

Cessna 182

Assembled by Mr. Chakrit
(Install .09 engine)


Assemble by Mr. Thawatchai


Assembled by the women who is novice in assembling airplane kit, but  there is the diligent until succeed

Cessna 182

Assembled by Mr. Kajornsak
Install .15 engine
Cessna 182
- Wingspan 42 in. Fuselage length 29 in.
- Brushless Motor BL 2215 (1000 Kv) or .15 cu in engine
- Propeller 9050
- Batt Li-Poly 11.1V 2000 mAh
- Flying weight 680 - 720 grams
- 4 Channel radio system driving 4 mini Servos (2 for Ailerons)
- Steerable Nose wheel
- Building time 40-45 hours
- Price 95 USD ( Shipping not included )


Opening the box you will found the following kit package;

1. Auto Cad plan sheet A1 1:1 and CNC cut parts diagram
2. Step-by-step instruction manual
3. Fuselage and wing content pack
4. 3.0 mm and 6.0 mm. balsa wood and 5.5 mm. hardwood pack
5. Epoxy adhesive 30 grams 1 set
6. Hardware pack
7. Decals set and windshield

*** Monokote and CA glue not included ***

Cessna 182 Package details

Photo of the fuselage parts cut with CNC

The photo of wings components including LE, spar, TE and ailerons cut with CNC

The photo of the 3.0 mm. balsa wood cut with CNC

The photo of the 5.0 mm. hardwood cut with CNC

The photo of the hardware set

The photo of the decals set


Cessna 182 kit details

The nose is designed to shaped with 40 mm. spinner

Motor cover designed for easy to finishing with the same color scheme with the fuselage

Nose wheel push rod position designed not to interfere with other equipments

A plenty room for ease to install motor

adjustable motor mount as shown in the photo

Wing strut with nylon clevis, make it ease to remove the wing for travel

Wheel pant and hardwood attach to the main landing gear which you  can cover with Monokote with the scheme as same as fuselage

Two 5 mm. plastic wing dowel

Bolt-on wing mounting

Rudder and Elevator designed as an original airplane

Ailerons designed as an original airplane

Wing Tip designed as an original airplane


Cessna 182 at the flying field

Before first flight at flying field with 40 mm. spinner

C.G. on position make nose heavy 3-4 degree

Flying weight should not exceed 750 grams and thrust should be at least 500 grams

For the best performance we recommend Brushless Motor BL 2215 (1000 Kv)

Anyone who has mastered a trainer should be able to fly Cessna 182 without difficulty

The rough runway may damage the wheel pants

You may temporarily remove wheel pant when taxiing on the rough runway

Thank you and hope you enjoy with building and flying Cessna 182